Archeological sites

Start with Kynos next to your apt at any time. In an interesting ride to the West you can reach Delphi one of the most important ancient sites in Greece, famous for its mysterious sacred oracle. Alternatively, you may change route to the North to visit Thermopiles’ location, where Leonidas with his 300 Spartans took their place in history giving eternal meaning in the words ‘Heroism’ and ‘Sacrifice’.

Cruising Sporades

Starting from the dock of the nearby Livanates picturesque fishermen’s marina sail on your private speedboat to explore Skiathos or Skopelos (Mama Mia’s film scenery), where in both the green pine trees meet the crystalline sea. Next to Skopelos stands Alonnisos the third of the Sporades, with its outstanding village (Chora) reminiscent of a 50’s setting. Daily cruises to Sporades are also available from the near port of Agios Konstantinos.  

Dining and local products

Excellent local cuisine and fresh fish are available in nearby tavernas many of which are next to the sea. Try Ouzo with tiny delicious appetizers. Local olives are considered prime quality in Greece as well as the product of origin fasolakia, green fresh beans. Very close to the property Chatzimichalis Prime Winery can always offer you great experiances in wine tasting and knowledge. 

Sports and activities

Water skiing on the calm sea, fishing and scuba diving in the rich gulf’s fauna can become your daily holiday habits. Only half an hour sail and 4 minutes ride to the port of Arkitsa catch the ferry to Edipsos the most famous and oldest Greek spa destination. Private sulphurous thermal water baths and many other treatments are available in 4 to 5 star spa hotels or you can also always visit for free the natural thermal springs and enjoy.