Imagine N Evoikos sea spanning just a breath away of your living room and an olive grove at your backyard. On the left, Agios Ioannis, an orthodox charming white chapel perched on a cliff and on your right, "Kynos"12th century's BC ancient settlement, one of the few in Greece continually inhabited from the pre Iron Age to the Word War II. 

Ten mid-size apartments operating in five semi-independent wings of different orientation and units of two (one apt at the ground level with a private yard and the other just on top of it, on the first floor with a spacious balcony) offered for lease or sale. The complex stands on a smooth inclined 5.000m2  plot and has been painted in earth-like colors. Built like emerging from ocher stone platform  in a minimal look design, decorated with solid-wood pergolas and inox elements.

Relax on your private balcony or loan yard just 30m from the synonymous Agios Ioannis local beach, feel the sea' s breeze and enjoy the best microclimate conditions in Greece. Ideal location to escape, even for a midweek day or a weekend off.